The NCD Care

The NCD Care Program is a mobile app platform offered by the University of Ghana Medical Center (UGMC) which is designed to support selected diabetic and hypertensive patients with self-management tools. Through the app, patients can easily input their daily measurements from their homes or offices, and have them remotely monitored and managed by their respective doctors in real-time.

  • Encourages self-monitoring and healthy living
  • Provides remote monitoring and management by a patient's doctor
  • Reduces the frequency of consultations, resulting in lower costs of care

How to access the NCD Care Service

  • Patients must be recommended for hypertensive or diabetic patients by their treating physician from UGMC, 37 Military Hospital, or GARH
  • Patients must be over 18 years old
  • Requires a smartphone with Android software 7.0 and above, or iOS 12 and above
  • Patients must share their name, phone number, and email address with their doctor at the participating hospital and sign a consent form
  • Patients receive an email with instructions to download the Luscii vitals app from the Play Store or App Store and log in
  • The app will prompt patients on when to take measurements, which they can do from home and securely send to their doctor via the app
  • The Luscii app will send messages to patients, such as reminders to take measurements or contact their doctor or go to the nearest hospital if needed
  • A member of the medical team will call the patient at home if necessary

The Patient Journey

Download the App
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