Frequently asked questions

The University of Ghana Medical Center (UGMC) is a quaternary hospital offering quality medical services to patients and acting also as a hub of research and training in all spheres of the health sector. If you seek answers, kindly read through the list below. Do not hesistate to call us if the anwers you seek are not in the list below

  • Can I get a copy of my (films, reports etc) after the request has been made by my Doctor?

    Yes you can. It can be given to you upon request.

  • Do you do circumcision here?

    Yes please. Circumcision is done on Tuesdays and on appointment basis.

  • How do I get feedback on application letter after submission?

    You may kindly reach the Human Resource team on 030 2550 843/ 030 255 0844

  • Do you have Dental Unit?

    Yes UGMC has a well equipped dental and oral healthcare unit

  • Do you have ENT Specialists?

    Currently, this service is not available. It is part of the services to be activated upon the completion of the Phase II of the UGMC Project

  • When will you start accepting Private Insurance?

    Yes. UGMC accepts Private insurance from a selected list. Please call +233 302 550843, +233 302 550844 +233 302 550845 for further details.

  • When will the Endoscopy unit commence operations?

    Endoscopy is available. Currently, UGMC runs Upper G.I. and Colonoscopies

  • Do you conduct MRI Scans?

    Yes, we ultra modern MRI equipments and accompanying services

  • Does UGMC accept National Health Insurance?

    Currently, the UGMC does not accept the National Health Insurance, but accepts insurance from several other providers. Please call +233 302 550843, +233 302 550844 +233 302 550845 for a list of accepted providers

  • Does UGMC laboratory offer tests on sexually transmitted diseases?

    Yes please. We offer these tests at UGMC.

  • Does the UGMC pharmacy sell drugs to walk-in clients?

    Yes please. The pharmacy sells drugs to walk-in clients but they must come in with a prescription.

  • Is the UGMC cardiology clinic open for surgery?

    Yes please. The cardiology clinic is open for surgery.

  • Does the medical imaging of UGMC do everything x-ray and ultrasound?

    Yes please. We offer all types X-ray’s and Ultrasounds. We also perform CT scans.

  • Do you have an endocrinologist?

    Not yet please. This service will be communicated as soon as it becomes available at the Centre.

  • Do you offer home care services?

    No please

  • Do you offer online/virtual consultation?

    Not yet but will be offered soon

  • Do you have a consumables/convenient shop on the premises?

    Not at the moment but we are working on getting one operational soon.

  • Do you provide yellow fever shots?

    Not at the moment please.

  • Do you have a Rheumatologist?

    Not yet. This service will be communicated as soon as it is available.

  • Do you provide Wi-Fi for clients?

    Kindly contact staff of any of our Help/Reception Desks to assist you to acquire a wi-fi voucher as and when needed.

  • Do you have an oncologist?

    Yes please. Consultation is on Saturdays from 9am

  • Do you have a nephrologist?

    Yes we have a nephrologist