Our pharmacy department provide the best pharmaceutical services to patients and clients who walk through our doors any time. 

Pharmacy as a department, plays a vital or significant role in any hospital setting or healthcare facility. In a quaternary institution such as UGMC, the Pharmacy department strives to provide the best pharmaceutical services to patients and clients who walk through our doors. 

At the UGMC Pharmacy Department, our mission is to make available to all our patients or clients the best quality pharmaceutical products, with proven effectiveness and acceptable safety standards, and great customer service experience, while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

  • UGMC Pharmacy Department operations model has pharmacists practice on patient floors or wards where the focus is on direct patient care and providing evidence-based recommendations to doctors and other healthcare professionals.
  • The department provides rational and cost-effective drug use through collaborative drug management involving all health workers.
  • The Pharmacy Department operates a Bedside Discharge Service (BDS) which  ensures that any inpatient leaving our facility is counselled on his or her medication before leaving. The goal is to reduce re-admissions, improve medication adherence and patient satisfaction.
  • As employee education is key to our success in UGMC, the Pharmacy Department  organizes pharmacotherapy classes regularly  to sensitize employees on pharmaceutical issues

The UGMC Pharmacy Department  is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) to serve our patients and clients.
For further information, kindly call 0302550843-5    

24 Hour Service

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