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The Training &
Simulation Centre

Welcome to the Medical Training and Simulation Centre (MTSC) of the University of Ghana Medical Centre LTD. It is a nationally recognized multi-disciplinary academic Centre committed to achieving excellence in medical education through the use of high-quality computer-based simulations

This allows pre-service health professional students to learn various skills in a realistic but risk-free environment before encountering real patients. Additionally and in the same setting, practicing health professionals are able to up grade their skills in the diagnosis and management of various disease conditions. The MTSC also focuses on the training of a third group, namely, the lay public (non- health professionals). For this latter group, the acquisition of skills in basic life support, for example, can contribute significantly towards a victim's survival when administered correctly and timeously. 

The Centre undertakes a variety of simulations to achieve its objectives. These include the following:

  1. Patient Simulation, where high fidelity manikins are used to mimic normal physiological functions as well as various disease conditions to enable trainees to acquire skills in history taking, physical examinations, communications, team dynamics etc.
  2. Simulated Clinical Environment, that allows trainees to be acquainted with the clinical environment such as operating theare, labor and delivery suite, emergency room, intensive care unit, etc.
  3. Virtual Procedure Station, this involves training in various clinical procedures: examples; suturing of superficial wounds, endotracheal intubation, vascular access, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, lumbar puncture and epidural training, nursing procedures, etc.
  4. Standardized Patients, Healthy individuals are trained to simulate patient roles to allow trainees to practise physical exams, examine disease conditions and make diagnosis.
We now invite you to take a guided tour of UGMC's state-of-the-art Medical Training and Simulation Centre.

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