UGMC and Forte Medical Launch Nanox.ARC at New Radiology Learning Centre

The Nanox.ARC 3D multi-source system, digital tomography demo, and training centre to educate healthcare providers and professionals, to improve access to medical imaging in Ghana and Africa

UGMC and Forte Medical Launch Nanox.ARC at New Radiology Learning Centre

 ACCRA, Ghana, Feb.10, 2023 – The University of Ghana Medical Centre LTD (UGMC) and Forte Medical LTD, a Group Addo affiliate company that specializes in the distribution of cutting-edge medical imaging technology in Ghana and Africa, are to jointly establish a new Radiology Learning Centre to train healthcare professionals from Ghana and across Africa on the use of Nanox.ARC 3D multi-source system, subject to local regulations and clearance. This comes after the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between UGMC and Forte Medical. 

The Radiology Learning Centre will be located on the premises of the UGMC in Legon, Accra and will be launched on February 23, 2023. 
Nanox Imaging Ltd is focused on applying its proprietary medical imaging technology and solutions to make diagnostic medicine more accessible and affordable across the globe. The vision of Nanox is to increase the early detection of medical conditions that are discoverable by medical imaging technologies based on X-ray, by improving access to imaging, reducing imaging costs and enhancing imaging efficiency, which Nanox believes is key to increasing early prevention and treatment, improving health outcomes, and, ultimately, saving lives. Nanox is developing a holistic imaging solution, which includes the Nanox System, comprised of Nanox.ARC using its novel MEMs X-ray source technology. 

“As a passionate believer of equity in healthcare, I am pleased that the training of our radiographers and radiologists on this state-of-the-art technology will ensure that the socio-economic status of our patients does not become a barrier towards the attainment of quality healthcare because of their inability to afford diagnostic imaging services,” said Dr. Darius Osei, CEO of UGMC. “At UGMC, our niche is providing world-class care. We believe that this partnership with Forte Medical in introducing Nanox technology will help UGMC continue to make a difference in the lives of not only our patients but patients across  Africa.” 
Forte Medical collaborates with medical players from around the world, like Nanox, to provide the best medical imaging devices to its partners. Forte Medical’s technical support team will provide ongoing training and support to the Radiology Training Centre. 
“At Forte Medical, we are dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare in Ghana and across Africa,” said Nana Addo, CEO of Forte Medical. “We are very excited to partner with UGMC to establish the first ever state-of-the-art Radiology Training Centre in Africa. The Nanox.ARC technology is a game changer—poised to transform the medical imaging landscape in Africa to improve access and patient wellbeing.” 
About UGMC 
The University of Ghana Medical Centre LTD (UGMC) which is jointly owned by the Government of Ghana (represented by the Ministry of Health) and the University of Ghana, is an ultra-modern academic medical centre that is poised to offer exceptional and world-class quaternary-level health services in Ghana and beyond. The vision of the UGMC is to be distinguished for world-class patient care, training and research and is focused on delivering an unparalleled patient & family-centred experience through the deployment of a client-centric approach in every facet of its operations. The Centre is dedicated to three focal areas namely; Clinical Services, Medical Training & Simulation Centre (for lay people, pre-service and practising health professionals) and Medical and Scientific Research. 
About Forte Medical
Forte Medical Limited is a Group Addo affiliate company, specializing in the distribution of cutting-edge medical imaging technology in Ghana and Africa. We are committed to finding and providing the latest and most advanced medical imaging solutions to meet the needs of our clients in the local market. 

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