Health Information &
Management Department

The Health Information Management department is responsible for collection, analysis and dissemination of health information. The Department receives and registers patients by obtaining the patient demographic information to assign a unique identifier number prior to service. As the patient’s first point of contact, one of our goals is to ensure that the patient’s arrival process is completed efficiently with minimal patient flow delays and in a friendly environment.

The vision of the Health Information Management Department is to ensure that all decision making in UGMC at all levels is informed by information resources that are accurate, timely, relevant, complete and readily accessible. The Health Information Management Department is mandated to provide and validate data to inform decisions. The department compiles and prepares day-to-day statistical returns, as well as monthly, quarterly, midyear and annual statistical reports for the facility.

Patient privacy is a priority at UGMC, so we insist that our staff respect the patient’s right to privacy with regard to their health data and experience at UGMC. The Health Information Management Department therefore works diligently to ensure that our patient data is handled with integrity and maintained in a confidential manner. As Health Information Management Professionals, we play an important role in client care and safety as the data we capture and collate is used by the Centre in a variety of ways.

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Working Hours

  • 24 Hours

Contact Details

  • Phone: +233 302 550843-5
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Mr. Eric Koranteng
Head of Department