Sleep Medicine

Sleep Medicine

The UGMC sleep medicine centre provides services to all who have any problems with their sleep or wakefulness. This includes those who struggle to sleep well at night as well as those who find themselves feeling too sleepy during the day, and struggle to maintain a good level of alertness or wakefulness during the day.

NAME OF HEAD: Dr R. Obo Addy 

Our centre has qualified specialists who are experts in evaluating your sleep conditions and help develop a plan to meet your needs.

A centre of excellence providing comprehensive multidisciplinary sleep medicine/sleep health services to Ghana and the West Africa sub-region.
Promote and advance the knowledge of and expertise in sleep medicine. Serve all the sleep health needs of all who need them, ranging from comprehensive diagnostic services to complete treatment availability and services.
List of team members: 1 board-certified (American Board of Sleep Medicine) sleep specialist and 2 sleep technologists.
Multidisciplinary treatment strategies will include ENT and the early addition of a dental component.
List of Services available:

Diagnoses and treatment of all sleep disorders, ranging from difficulties falling asleep or maintaining sleep (insomnia), to difficulties staying awake during the day (hypersomnia), snoring and sleep apnea, and unusual and abnormal behaviours or movements during sleep.
Appointments Procedure:

Referred by your primary care physician or self-referral.
You may contact the doctor’s office or call directly to schedule an appointment.
Working hours:
Tuesdays & Fridays; 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Phone number:


TELEPHONE EXTENSION: 0302550843/0302550844


Kindly call the centre on +233 302 550843


To book an appointment, please call +233 302 550843 or visit the link Here