Dietetics & Food Therapeutics

Dietetics & Food Therapeutics

We research & provide advanced quaternary dietetic services to UGMC patients and we facilitate the training of clinical dietetic practice of students and other professionals.

The University of Ghana Medical Centre Dietetics Nutrition and Food Therapeutics Department provides dietetics and nutrition services to in-patients/clients in the hospital and out-patients service in the immediate community. 

List of services 
·       Food service 
·       In-patient and out-patient services 
·       Education 
·       Research 
·       Community services 

Food service 
·      Therapeutic diets 
·      Food and beverages 

In-patient and out-patient services 
·       Critically ill nutrition care 
·       Cancer nutrition care 
·       Gastrointestinal disease nutrition 
·       Diabetes mellitus nutrition 
·       Eating disorders nutrition 
·       Hypertension nutrition 
·       Heart failure nutrition 
·       Hyperlipidemia nutrition 
·       HIV/AIDs nutrition 
·       Kidney disease nutrition 
·       Post-surgery for optimal and wound healing nutrition 
·       Overweight management 
·       Underweight management 
·       Bariatric surgery management 
·       Modified consistency diets 
·       Chronic kidney disease nutrition 
·       Pre-dialysis nutrition 
·       Hemodialysis nutrition 
·       Peritoneal dialysis nutrition 
·       Mechanical ventilation non-oral nutrition 
·       Nasogastric feeding 
·       Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy feeding 
·      Structured clinical placement for Ghanaian Dietetics and Nutrition students studying in Ghana and overseas. 
·      Food service internships for students studying locally and overseas. 
·      Research projects for dietetics and nutrition students locally and overseas  
·      Dietetics and nutrition lectures for health care professionals, students, and the public. 
·      Dieticians and Nutritionists involved in research to support evidence-based practice. 
·      Collaborate with other nutrition professionals locally and overseas to enhance patient care and service delivery. 
Community service 
·      To conduct nutrition talks and workshops for staff the university community and patients. 
·      To provide dietetics services to the university community 
·      To organize and support nutrition-related events for our staff and the public on disease prevention and management. 

Charles Jaween, RD, Deputy Chief Dietitian, Head of Department


Kindly call the centre on +233 302 550843


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