• UGMC CovidConnect Service Garners 1000+ Users

    UGMC CovidConnect Service Garners 1000+ Users

    The C.E.O. of the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC), Dr. Darius Osei has revealed that the innovative CovidConnect Service that the Centre recently partnered PharmAccess to launch on April 23, 2020 has generated 1,079 active users and 1377 downloads two weeks after its launch. 

    Dr. Osei, speaking at an event to celebrate the attainment of 1000+ users of the Service stated that it currently records about 200 users daily and expressed the hope that  by the end of the year,  it would have attracted  some 5,000 subscribers who would not only be reporting on Covid-19 symptoms but report on other conditions as well.

    He further indicated stated that he was very excited that all the active users of the Service did not have to physically go to the hospital before knowing their COVID-19 status and this had the potential of minimizing the spread of the coronavirus infection. “In as much as UGMC has been designated as a treatment centre, it is imperative for us to look for ways to care, yet reduce the infection rate” he said. He advised the public not to see COVID-19 as a death sentence, but to rather join health workers to offer the needed support to their friends and loved ones after being diagnosed with the disease.

     “I am glad a lot of people have subscribed to telemedicine, it makes it easier and convenient for the client and caregiver, which reduces cost and stress, Dr. Maxwell Antwi, Country Director of Pharmaccess said”.

    According to the lead specialist at the UGMC Care Cordination Centre,  Dr. Emmanuel Amoah, he was extremely delighted that UGMC was offering teleconsultation to COVID 19 clients without the requirement  for them to be physically go to the  hospital unless it was really necessary as this would  free much needed hospital space in Ghana’s hospitals. “Covid Connect certainly is really for the future in the management of many other health issues inour country”, Dr Amoah said.

    CovidConnect is a virtual monitoring service that is activated through an app known as Luscii which is accessible from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. The App gives subscribers access to clinical support from a team of medical experts working in a specially designed Care Coordination Centre at the UGMC. The Service allows individuals to log in their symptoms daily to enable UGMC’s team of medical doctors to monitor the individual’s health status in relation to Covid-19 from the comfort of and safety of their homes, office, or other location. 

    Francis, who is a user of the Luscii (the app  which activates the CovidConnect service) indicated that the regular inputting of  his symptoms unto the Luscii app, coupled with  the support from the doctors at UGMC, friends and family, made it very easy for him  to  recover quickly when he got infected with  COVID-19. 

    The event took place on May 8, 2020 and was climaxed with the cutting of the 1000+ anniversary cake.