The Atrium O1

Conducive ambience at the atrium of the MTSC

Secretariat O2

Ensuring operations are efficiently managed at the MTSC

Auditorium O4

Our spacious 150-seater auditorium

Pre-Simulation Training O5

Pre-simulation training test for trainees

Hands on training sessions O6

Hands on training sessions for trainees

Monitoring O6

Instructor monitoring simulation from a one-way glass

High Resolution Capture O7

High Resolution CCTV cameras capturing scenarios in the simulation room

Debriefing O8

Debriefing after simulation training

Standardized Patient 9

Attending to a standardized patient

Post Simulation 10

Post simulation training test for trainees

Coffee break 11

Staff coffee break in between sessions

Cafeteria Services 12

Cafeteria services at the centre

Group with Prof. Lawson 13

Group Photograph of trainees with Prof. Lawson

University of Ghana Medical Centre LTD